Business and industry sectors in Verran

The 20th century in Verran was dominated by the iron mining industry in Malm, the municipality centre. Today, Verran has a strong industrial business sector, in which about 50% of the working population is employed. It is particularly within the fields of wood preparation and processing, mechanical industry and ventilation that Verran has strong business clusters. And the knowhow and infrastructure that already exists for these sectors make the establishment of similar businesses ideal in Verran. It is of course also important that Verran has deep-water ports, which enables businesses to reach international markets quickly with their products.

Wood preparation/processing
The preparation of wood is a large industry in Verran, and has been for a long time. The building of the boat type “Jekt” (which is represented in the municipality logo), sawmills and mechanical pulp mills are a part of the local history. The current wood industry, on the other hand, is concentrated around the production of cellulose, windows, doors and furniture.
The most prominent businesses in this sector:

Mechanical Industry
As a result of the mine production and maintenance of the mining equipment, a significant level of skill and knowhow in relation to large machines and iron constructions developed in Verran.
The biggest businesses in this sector:

  • Fosdalen Industrier AS: engineering work-shop, production of steel bridges and steel construction to the on- and off-shore industry.
  • Folla Tech AS: engineering work shop, wear engineering, renovation and maintenance of process equipment, etc.
  • Solhøi Mekaniske AS: production of skips

This sector has long traditions in Verran. Two of the largest ventilation businesses in the county of Nord-Trøndelag are located in Malm, Verran. This creates an environment of high competence in this sector, which these companies, as well as new ones, can take advantage of.
The most prominent businesses in this sector:

Some other businesses


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