About the Municipality of Verran

flagg, storbritannia

Utsikt fra Holderberget. Foto: Robert Bjørk
View from the Holder Mountain. Photo: Robert Bjork
The Municipality of Verran lies between the fjord and mountains, about a half-hour drive west of the county center of Steinkjer. It borders the Beitstad Fjord, the inner part of the Trondheim Fjord.
Approximately 1,600 of the 2,800 inhabitants live in the municipality center of Malm, making it the most densely populated area. Follafoss, Sela, Verrastranda, and Verrabotn are nearby.
Being a relatively small municipality is not a distraction. In fact, its inhabitants comprise a local community where neighbors interact in a safe, well-arranged, child-friendly environment.
The fjord, where most of the people reside, is of historical importance to the people of Verran in regard to food resources and transportation. Boat-building was an important industry earlier in its history (the local boat “Jekt”). This is symbolized in our municipality logo.
Verran has well-known industrial traditions. Iron ore was discovered here in 1906. It operated the deepest iron ore mines in North Europe until 1997. Approximately 50 % of the working population of Verran is employed in industrial activity. Trade, service, agriculture, and forestry foster other employment opportunities.
Verran på kartetFacts
Inhabitants: 2643
Acreage: 601 km2
Steinkjer: 32 km
Namsos: 68 km
Stjordal/Vaernes: 120 km
Trondheim: 150 km