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Buying a home – Economic Support Arrangements

NAV is Verran municipality’s body for coordinating the various measures and support arrangements of the Government’s Housing Bank. The “tilflyttervert” (Newcomer hosts), persons working for newcomers only in Verran, will in close cooperation with NAV assist all newcomers considering buying or renting a home in Verran.

Some potential economic measures for newcomers

Start Loan is perhaps the most used measure. The main objective of Start Loan is to contribute to as many as possible owning their own home. In practice, this arrangement targets those who have problems obtaining a regular loan in a commercial bank or those who are unable to get a loan due to former payment problems. The start loan is given in addition to a regular bank loan so that the banks’ risk is reduced and more people can get into the housing market. The loan can be given to building new houses, buying used houses and rehabilitation of existing houses. People moving to Verran from another country will be in a prioritized position with regards to obtaining a Start Loan.
There is also scope for giving subsidies and grants for building new houses, as well as rehabilitating existing houses. In addition, those being in a challenging economic situation (with low incomes) have the right to subsidies for paying their accommodation.




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