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Schools and kindergartens in Verran

Verran municipality has excellent schools and kindergartens with highly educated pedagogical staff. All locations have easy access to clean, beautiful nature, and this is actively used in the teaching. Schools also work closely with local farmers, in a project which gives pupils the opportunity to visit farms and take part in the daily life there.Malm skole Schools in Verran also work enthusiastically within the MOT-organization, and Verran has since 2007 carried out an innovative project called “Local communites and MOT”. It is also worth mentioning that schools in Verran has done exceptionally well with their small student businesses (a part of the curriculum in secondary school) by winning several prizes on regional and national level. In Verran there are three schools and three kindergartens, which you can learn more about here (while you practice your Norwegian too): kindergartens     schools 


 General information about the Norwegian education system

Kindergartens shall provide children with good opportunities for development and activity for pre-school children. They are pedagogical institutions that comprise care, upbringing, play and learning. According to the needs of the families, the kindergartens offer full-time or part-time places. Besides being a good pedagogical institution for children, the kindergartens also take care of children while their parents work. The Government’s objective in relation to kindergartens is to offer a place for all children in Norway at a relatively low price. Read more about kindergartens here.

All education in Norway is free. Children have to go to school for 10 years (from the age of 6), and all have the right to go to high school for 3 years after that. Higher education (universities and colleges) is also free. In general, schools in Norway are friendly and supportive, and children and parents are included to a relatively high degree in decisions compared to other European countries. The most important principle in Norwegian schools is that each student should have an education individually designed for their needs. In years 1-7 there are no marks, while year 8 to 10, as well as in high school, have marks from 1 (the lowest) to 6 (the highest). The marks you get in secondary school (8-10 years) are decisive for what specialization you can do in high school. Equally, marks from high school determine your future in higher education. There is one written and one oral exam at the end of year 10. In high school students have exams virtually every year, and by far most in the third year.

Read more about education in Norway on the Government’s official web pages:


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