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This is Verrans biggest industrial area and is dominated by mechanical and wood processing industry. Tjuin consist of finely crushed grey stone from the mine. This provides a straightforward and stable foundation with high carrying capacity, something which gives lower construction costs compared to most comparable areas. It is also important for some business that Tjuin is located very near enormous storage space in the mine, in which there is a stable temperature of 8 degrees Celsius.Tjuin. Foto: Steinar Johansen

Location: Tjuin is located in Malm, the municipality centre of Verran. It is approximately 30 kilometers from Steinkjer, 60 kilometers from Namsos, 120 kilometers from Trondheim Airport Værnes and 150 kilometer from Trondheim city.

Infrastructure: Tjuin has excellent accessibility via road and ship. Industrial water is also connected to the area.

Current businesses in Tjuin:
Beitstad Snekkeri
Born Designmøbler
Fosdalen Industrier AS
Midt-Norsk Industriservice AS
Solhøi Mekaniske AS
Jekta AS
Verran Maskinstasjon AS




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